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If you want a heating unit with the versatility of an air conditioner hybrid or are looking for a way to cut your heating bill in half, it may be time to invest in installing a heat pump. Heat pumps use the air that is naturally warm in the environment and channel it into rooms within your house, heating them in an efficient manner. Unlike a furnace, a heat pump does not run on resources like oil or gas. Instead of heating the entire house, it can heat specific rooms, saving you money and cutting back on resource usage.

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How a Heat Pump Can Help You

When the seasons change and it starts to get warmer, you can cool down your house by switching your heat pump to channel cold air.

What are other benefits you can enjoy by installing a heat pump in your home?

  • It can both heat and cool your home
  • It is considered a “greener” choice
  • It can heat/cool specific parts of your house
  • It saves you money on energy use and utility costs

Whether you are interested in saving money or would simply like an environmentally-friendly heating system installed in your home, we have you covered! Our skilled technicians at Corry Baker Heating & Air can explain what heat pumps can specifically do for your house and inform you of all the potential benefits you may enjoy.

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