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Four Signs Your Air Conditioning Needs a Tune Up

Four Signs Your Air Conditioning Needs a Tune Up

As we reach the final weeks of summer, many of us start to notice that our air conditioning was not working as well as it was in May. Maybe there is a lack of efficiency, odd behavior, or a sudden rise in energy costs. Whatever the case may be, your home might be experiencing one of the telltale signs that your system is in need of repair. Below, let's take a look at some of the most common signs that your air conditioning should be looked at before the end of the season.

Not Producing Cool Air

One of the most common signs your air conditioning needs repair is also one of the most obvious: it's not making your home as cool as it should. There are various reasons why this might be—from low Freon levels to a failing compressor. Whatever the issue might be, an experienced Murrieta HVAC professional can help determine the issue.

Uneven Control

Is one area of your house getting much cooler than others? Uneven control over temperature could be a thermostat issue that is throwing off when your air conditioning is activated and how it regulates temperature. An issue in your ductwork may also be obstructing air flow to different areas of the house.

Water Leaks

Air conditioning units are designed to collect and divert the moisture that accumulates as it cools your home. If you notice puddles or leaks around your unit, it often means something is blocked or obstructed inside your unit. Left unattended, these issues can lead to more severe issues down the road.

Odd Noises

Even small noises being made by your unit will be amplified in your home's ductwork. Squealing, squeaking, grinding, and grating noises can be a sign that something could be loose in your air conditioning unit. It is best to get these noises looked at before the conditioned worsens—resulting in a more costly repair.

Is your air conditioning system exhibiting one the above warning signs? If so, Correy Baker Heating & Air is ready to assist you. Our professionals have more than 25 years of experience serving households all over Inland Empire and beyond.

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