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"Is My Air Conditioning Making Me Cough?"

For millions of homes around the country, air conditioning is a welcome relief from the summertime heat. There is, however, a small percentage of us that experience an unwanted side effect of climate controlled homes: a pesky cough.

There are numerous reasons why any one of us could be experiencing a summertime cough, but most doctors agree that, in some cases, air conditioning can be a contributor to this symptom. The good news is there are a few solutions for alleviating this issue.

Solution #1: Check and Replace Your Air Conditioning Filter

The most likely culprit to a summertime cough is allergies. Ideally, air conditioning actually helps clean the air in your home by pushing it through a filter before circulating throughout the rest of your house.

However, not all filters are created equal—and some filters just need to be replaced. If your filter isn't working properly, then it is possible that your air conditioning system is circulating pollen, dust, and other particles that can contribute to coughing and other allergy symptoms. If you believe that your filter is to blame for your summertime cough, contact an experienced Murrieta HVAC professional to assess your system, recommend a filter replacement, and make any other repairs.

Solution #2: Consider a Humidifier

In order to maintain lower temperatures, the air quality that is produced by your air conditioning system is dry. While this is cool and comfortable to our exteriors, our airways may be made less comfortable by chronic exposure to this dry air. These airways can become irritated causing a persistent cough.

Humidifiers could help with this problem. These units reintroduce moisture back into the air and can be particularly effective in bedrooms when we sleep.

Do you believe your air conditioner isn't working correctly? Don't face the summer months without a properly climate-controlled home. At Correy Baker Heating & Air, our professionals bring more than 25 years of experience to our work and ready to provide you with swift and cost-effective AC installation and repair services in Murrieta and beyond.

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