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5 Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About Air Conditioners

5 Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About Air Conditioners

While everyone appreciates an air conditioner, there is a lot many people do not know about these ubiquitous machines. The history of the air conditioner is surprisingly interesting, and HVAC has played a major role in shaping American culture. In this blog, we take a look at five things you probably didn’t know about your cooling system.

1. AC Systems Work By Dehumidifying The Air

Many people do not realize that air conditioners will draw moisture out of the air in their home. While not as effective as a designated dehumidifier, air conditioners can still help prevent the growth of mold, mildew, and even dust mites.

2. Air Conditioners Were A Selling Point For Movie Theaters

Movie theaters were some of the first businesses to adopt the air conditioner, as it was a great way to get people in the door on a hot summer day. One of the first systems was installed in the Rivoli Theater in Times Square back in 1925 – due to the massive success, more than 300 other theaters would get AC systems over the next five years.

3. Herbert Hoover Brought AC To The White House

As the nation was slipping into the Great Depression, President Herbert Hoover had a $30,000 air conditioner installed in the White House back in 1929. While the AC would be upgraded 6 years later for Franklin Delano Roosevelt, FDR disliked air conditioning, and even refused to use a fan!

4. The First Car Air Conditioner Came In 1939

In 1930, General Motors was experimenting with blocks of ice to cool down drivers, as an alternative to the classic “windows down, speed up” method for cooling. Within the decade, Packard Motor Car Co. developed a precursor to the modern car AC system, complete with a compressor and refrigerating coils.

5. The Air Conditioner Has Saved Many Lives

When properly maintained, air conditioning can have a number of health benefits. Besides reducing allergens and improving air quality, however, air conditioning has played a critical role in the development of many medications by creating a temperature controlled environment. Air conditioners began to show up in neonatal intensive-care units as early as 1926, as they helped control the environment for premature infants – this principle would eventually lead to the development of temperature-controlled incubators.

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