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Five Signs Your Furnace Isn't Ready for Another Winter

Five Signs Your Furnace Isn't Ready for Another Winter

Autumn is officially here, which means temperatures are starting to drop and, all over the country, households are lighting their furnaces for another upcoming winter. Unfortunately, many of these furnaces can fall into disrepair during the offseason and many homeowners and families don't realize it until October. Below, we take a look at five common signs that your furnace requires an inspection or a repair.

Thermostat Issues

Are you constantly adjusting your thermostat? Do find that some rooms of your house are different temperatures than others? If so, there may be a problem is how your thermostat is communicating with your furnace. A professional can help you test this communication and provide you solutions for either your furnace or your thermostat.

Heating Bill Increase

Did you receive a shock when you got your first heating bill of the season? The reason may not be energy prices but the fact that your furnace is no longer running efficiently. An inspection may be warranted to ensure that your furnace as actually working to heat your home and not just drain your wallet.

Discolored Flame

If the gas flame on your furnace is not a crisp, bright blue, then it is highly advised that you call a professional immediately. Flames that are red, orange, or inconsistent mean there could be an incomplete burn-- and could be producing toxic gas like carbon monoxide.

Odd Noises

Have you heard odd squealing, popping, or clanging from your furnace? Have you noticed that your furnace blower frequently goes on and off? These could be signs that your furnace isn't functioning properly and may even need to be replaced. Odd noises are typical of old furnaces that are reaching the end of their lifetime.

Dry Air & Allergens

Do you notice that when you run your furnace that the air your home dries out? You notice more dust? More allergy symptoms? This could mean that your furnace is not replacing any moisture in the air. If you have an older home, this might always have been the case-- but newer furnaces can add moisture and have some filtering capabilities. Speak with a Murrieta HVAC professional about improving your air quality with a repair or upgrade to your current furnace.

Is your home experiencing any of the above effects? If so, then Correy Baker Heating & Air is ready to hear from you. Our family-owned and operated HVAC service has been assisting homeowners with furnace issues since 2010 and our professionals have decades of HVAC experience.


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