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Do I Need to Replace My Furnace?

Do I Need to Replace My Furnace?

The average homeowner has more than enough on his or her plate to worry about when it comes to home maintenance, repairs, and replacements. Amidst all the checklists and potential confusion, it is easy to overlook a critical piece of your home: the furnace. When was the last time you checked it? Is it functioning well? Or, perhaps the most important question of all, does your furnace need replacing?

You might want to consider replacing your furnace if:

  • 20 years have passed: Nothing lasts forever, especially if it works as hard and as often as a furnace. Even if you were the undisputed best homeowner and had your furnace maintained yearly, it is going to give in to time eventually. The typical furnace will start becoming too expensive to maintain after a 20-year lifespan. At that point, you will find it makes more financial sense to just replace the entire thing.
  • It breaks frequently: As it was just mentioned, a furnace that needs replacement is a furnace that needs lots of maintenance and repairs. If you can start keeping a calendar, or a clock, based on how often your furnace breaks down, there is something wrong with it that maintenance probably won’t permanently address. Any time your furnace repair costs are equal to half of what you paid for it, replacing it might be the smarter option; this is a pretty good rule to follow when it comes to maintaining most anything, by the way.
  • Your heating bills are growing exponentially: Furnaces that are not efficient are going to cost you money, but you might not notice right away. Look back at your heating bills during the winter, if you’ve kept track of them. Is there a noticeable trend of rising heating costs year over year? If so, the furnace’s efficiency is to blame. Consider this quick equation: a heater that is only 50% efficient essentially wastes 50 of your cents for every dollar you spend on heating; upgrading to a highly-efficient heater – imagine around 90% efficiency – will save you that much more per dollar spent. At the end of an entire year, savings could easily be in the hundreds for an average-sized household.

After reviewing the age, maintenance costs, and efficiency of your furnace, do you think it might be time to replace it? Before coming to a conclusion, why not talk to Correy Baker Heating & Air and our Murrieta HVAC service specialists? We can perform an inspection on your furnace to identify any problems and determine the most cost-efficient method to fix it. We can also give you a free estimate on furnace installation jobs.

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