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Is Your HVAC Unit Safe from Pests?

Is Your HVAC Unit Safe from Pests?

Pests, such as ants, termites, mice, and even snakes are known to make their homes inside HVAC systems, resulting in severe problems for homeowners and business owners. Not only can they cause damage to your air conditioning or heating unit, but they can also crawl inside your ducts and enter your home or office building.

Pest-Proofing Your Home HVAC

The following are effective ways to ensure that pests stay away from your HVAC systems once and for all:

  • Seal your ducts. Gaps, spaces, cracks, and openings in your duct system are used as entrances for pests and vermin. Once inside, they can cause severe health issues since you will be breathing in the air that passes through those ducts. Repairing or sealing up your ducts is the best way to prevent any pests from getting inside your home.
  • Install vent and flue pipe covers. Flue pipes are designed to expel the byproducts created by your heating unit. They can be entered, especially when they are uncovered.
  • Protect your air conditioning condenser. Rodents often cause damage to exterior AC condensers by gnawing, scratching, and urinating on the unit. Make sure you keep the area around the condenser clean and clear of vegetation since they use it for food and shelter.

If you believe pests have damaged your system, contact our licensed Murrieta HVAC technician at Correy Baker Heating & Air today.


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